Saturday, 26 November 2011

Generation Game

"I didn't go to prison so these women could burn their bras.
Nice comfortable things, modern bras are, not like the ones
we had when I was a girl",

"Grandma, you didn't go to prison at all,
and I would have thought you would support
your youmg feminist sisters".

" I did, after they cut me free from the railings,
I marched for women's suffrage, as we called it then,
and I went on hunger strike for my belief
but I don't agree with these 'wimmin';
free love and hairy armpits, look at them
bosoms down to their knees".

"Grandma, you're so old-fashioned and strait-laced".

"I didn't fight in the trenches and have my health ruined
so that you lot could grow your hair and smoke marijuana
and listen to that noise that you call music".

"We didn't lose our brothers and our sons
to fight for freedom in two world wars
for young people to just do what they want".

"I didn't fight the Nazis, fly missions over Germany, 
land a burning Lancaster on one engine
so you could throw paint 
at our American allies, who are bravely fighting
for democracy and the free world, 
to stop the skittle effect in Asia".

"I didn't lose my youth and marry the wrong man
because he was flying bombers over Germany
and the right one didn't come back
for you to waste your life screwing it away".

"Yes, you did, Grandma and Grandpa,
mother and father, uncles and aunts,
you all fought for the right of all of us
to behave as we wish but 
I didn't get beaten up by the police
on CND marches and anti-Vietnam demos
so that these scum could riot
or protest against world capitalism.
I've got my investments now and ...
I've turned into my grandparents".

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Finding Nige

I started this blog because someone had written that they are doing a Ph. D. on a friend of mine from Balmain in the '70s.  This was my immediate response:

Looking for Nige?  Shhh!
Furtive glances over shoulder.
Come this way to meet
all the old wrecks
from the tail-end of the 60s.
I can take you there
I was once one of them.
Balmain is too up-market now
the shadows are driven away
and the sharks have gone
from around Mort Bay,
but they are never far away,
fading whisper; far, far away.